Review – The Conjuring


There are some directors who seem to implicitly understand and are able to pull off a certain kind of film with ease. Martin Scorsese, for instance, has a firm grasp on the gangster film and has made more than a few classics in the genre. Alfred Hitchcock was so good at making thrillers, he created a whole subgenre unto himself. In the same manner, I feel that James Wan has mastered the haunted house story. He’s quickly become one of my favorite directors and the dude knows how to get under my skin. His previous film, Insidious, drew a lot of conflicting opinion but it was one of my favorite movies of that year. I found it to be bold, unique, and most importantly, scary. Now the gods of cinema have deemed fit to bless us with two James Wan movies this year. In September we’ll be seeing Insidious: Chapter 2, but first, we have The Conjuring

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