Search Terms of the Damned

Every once in a while I check my blog stats which tell me how many views I’ve had, from what country, what pages people clicked, that kind of thing. These stats will also show you the search terms that people have used to find your blog. These are a few of the more bizarre search terms that have come up. I have no idea how some of these people ended up at my blog but now I’m worried about some of my readers.

– andrew dominik sucks
– jared gilman ethnicity
– will smith dead
– jean reno is dead
– monkey headless
– the man with the iron fists bob marley
– bruce lee challenge of the tiger sex
– buster ventriloquist
– singing mastermind ventriloquist
– donald pleasence ventriloquist
– kevin bacon ventriloquist
– ventriloquist is not a weak villian
– moonrise kingdom lsd
– filipino spy midget
– benedict cumberbatch sushi
– korean spaghetti dead
– nude suraj sharma
– schumacher’s wife ridiculous fake tits
– fake boobs in obscure horror thriller film

I hope that last guy found what he was looking for.


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