Double Take – The Haunting (1963 vs. 1999)

Originally posted at The Alternative Chronicle I love haunted house and ghost stories. Even though I don’t believe in them, ghosts are pretty much the only thing that can scare me these days (that and heights… and misandrists). I enjoy being scared but good ghost stories are few and far between. So when a great … More Double Take – The Haunting (1963 vs. 1999)


Double Take – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974 vs. 2003)

Welcome to the first edition of Double Take. In this feature, I’ll be comparing a film and its remake: looking at the films’ similarities and differences, and what the remake does right or wrong. Is the remake worth your time, or are you better off sticking with the original? Read on and find out. This … More Double Take – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974 vs. 2003)

Review – Pacific Rim

Remember when huge summer blockbusters didn’t have to be dark, complex, and cynical? Remember having heroes who acted decently and courageously without having any niggling doubts or being driven by revenge? Remember stories populated with fun, colorful characters who could have whole movies unto themselves? Remember movies that didn’t have to be based on a … More Review – Pacific Rim